KinkFest Vendors

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KinkFest 2024 Vendors

Adam & Eve  

adult novelty items. bdsm gear/toys. general apparel


Amory Design  

Your toys and tools deserve a home of their own. Impress your play partners and display your collection with our elegant, hand-crafted furniture. Designed by a sex educator and woodworker pair, our product line is everything you've ever wanted in your intimate spaces. With built-in heated lube dispensers, sanitizing drawers, lockable doors and plenty of storage for easy access, our nightstands, armoires, and wall displays will elevate your experiences.


AOF Enterprises-Costumes by Apiffany  

Custom made costumes, capes and fetish wear.



Aubergine makes handmade platinum silicone dildos and plugs, using only ethically-sourced, certified body-safe materials.


Barbarian Designs  

Handmade upcycled bicycle tube floggers, handmade chainmaille jewelry and bondage toys.


Bare Naked Tiffany   NA  


BDSM Glass Art & Crafts  

Adult and kink themed stained glass art, handmade floggers, flogger bags, crops and other impact toys.


Between Two Worlds Art  

Between two worlds art makes Mushroom inspired sex positive and body positive art, jewelry, home decor and stickers. My shop offers a miniature adult toy jewelry collection, smoking accessories that look like mushrooms, mirrors that look like fairy portals and mushrooms with butts, Resin trays with vintage porn and more. All items are hand made by me.


Black bone

Handmade leather harnesses and accessories


bll enterprises  

We sell high quality handmade leather bondage gear and ball gags as well as custom silicone toys


Blood Bay   bloodbaybags

Waterproof, vegan cuffs, collars, and harnesses in a rainbow of colors.



Floggers, Paddles, Restraints, Collars, Dragon Tails and Toungs, Bunny Floggers, Kinky Jewelry, Furniture.


Breathe Toys


Bunneah Munkeah  

Leather and Vinyl Collars and Harnesses, Dick keychains, Glitter Tattoo Station, Furry Porn, Panties and Lingeie  

handmade leather and fur floggers and toys of sensation including rose evil sticks, earrings and


Cactus Cult Leather  

Cactus Cult is a one woman owned and operated luxury eco-friendly intimates shop based out of Boise, Idaho. All of the items found in the shop are either made of plant based Cactus Leather or recycled materials. I combined my passions for kink, creation, and the environment to create Cactus Cult. I am looking to break the stereotypes of dark red/black BDSM and instead take a more natural and organic approach to power play and its adornments.


Canes4pain and CaneLove

Awesome RATTAN Canes in many styles from classics to modern works of cane art! Dragon Canes Whangees, Sanibel Beach Canes covered with sharp seashell shards, American Horror Story Canes, etc. Come see them!


Center for Sex Positive Culture  

The Center for Sex Positive Culture is Seattle's nonprofit sex-positive community center, hosting multiple online and in-person events every month. Celebrating our 25th Anniversary in 2024!


Chainmaille by Chelle  

Hand crafted chainmaille bracelets, necklaces, collars, keyrings, earrings, vest chains, wallet chains, floggers, etc...


CK Underground

Handmade, boutique style w/ an emphasis on unique leather items, restraints & fashion, unique corsetry, vegan snake & bullwhips, specialty whip crackers, & custom knot work. I sell leather fashion & bondage items, leather/platinum silicone ball gags, fire floggers & poi, nylon snake & bullwhips, conductive chain floggers, monkey fists, specialty whip crackers (glow in the dark, UV reactive, kevlar, & silicone dipped), & more.



CreaturesByRed offers cute, cuddly, comforting stuffies made of assorted fabrics, including pvc, vinyl and faux leathers. Their long comforting arms give amazing hugs, perfect for littles, pets, and aftercare.


Crystal Delights LLC  

Unique glass sextoys featuring crystal sparkles, faux and real fur tails


D&B Creations69 LLC  

We build unique impact toys for beginners (mild) all the way to experienced (brutal)


Dancing Heron  

Hand screen printed apparel, accessories, and art featuring ancient monsters, kink inspired scenes and objects, and motifs. Accessories include bandanas, handkerchiefs, sock garters, neck ties, rope and toy organizers.


Dark Garden Corsetry

Off the rack and custom corsetry, apparel, and leather accessories


Demon Kitty

Exotic wood paddles, artistic resin paddles, exotic wood knives, veg tanned leather floggers and faux fur floggers are focused on bringing kinky and immersive BDSM experiences to video gaming – aiming for the sweet spot between entertaining, titillating and educational. Come test out their kinky VR game: Dominatrix Simulator. Submit to a virtual Dominatrix and be commanded real-time. 50% off code for everyone who stops by.


Docendo Designs  

I make quality, built to last, size inclusive garters and harness.


Dragons Designs Impact Toys  

Vegan impact toys: floggers, whips, paddles and more


Dreamtender Leather  

Dreamtender Leather creates Victorian, steampunk-influenced accessories and apparel for contemporary fashion. DTL specializes in leather apparel including vests, boleros, bodices, and underbust bustiers along with timeless steampunk accessories that incorporate bold designs and materials to delight the senses. Alternative Accessories include tiny hats, teacup holsters, parasol holsters, and vial garter belts.


Estarrin Designs  

Handmade alternative clothing and accessories made by Queer Brown Hands


Fae built inc

Claws, jewelry, metal and leather and fur costumes and accessories.


Fat | Bone | Leather  

Queer by design, Fat | Bone | Leather makes exceptional gear for unique queers & kink players of all shapes, sizes and genders. Centering body-positive, size-inclusive, gender-expansive designs from vests to sleep sacks and more. Visit our booth for refurbished, upgraded, or custom-fit leathers in a rainbow of colors; hand-crafted pony gear; thick hide slappers; dungeon equipment and upcycled toys.


Fluid Rope

FluidRope (they/him) is a queer artist from the PNW with a love for all things fiber and rope. They have been dyeing, treating, and tying rope for 5 years in the Portland area. A love for color, craft, and care are the driving forces behind their work. They hand-paint dye onto each rope for a truly one of a kind length of cotton, jute, or hemp rope. In addition to rope, FluidRope will be showcasing examples of their professional fiber art including woven wall-hangings and felted wool sculptures among others.


Gomez Maddams LLC

Gomez Maddams provides flash tattoos on site (yes, these are real!) along with other kinky and erotic merchandise to tickle your fancy.


Hellbent Hardware

I build wood dungeon furniture, paddles, knives, and canes.



I make primarily leather and acrylic based toys from floggers and collars to paddles and acrylic knives and everything in between!


Horse Market SF


I sell kinky enamel pins and pronoun pins.


House of SXN

Luxury leather restraints, fetish wear, whips and impact toys.


House Of Wolfram LLC  

House of Wolfram makes uniquely crafted leather accessories and wearables with a Gothic vampiric aesthetic. Leather and Metal bladed fans, steel bit gags, elegant V drop collars, wearable dragon spines, slide-locking cuffs, calibrating collars, secret cuffs, and much more in black and oxblood red.


Huldra's Blood Clothing  

Huldra's Blood Clothing provides luxury linen and leather garments inspired by the darkness of the PNW. I focus on size inclusivity and providing a range of garments to flatter different sizes and body types. Additionally all garments are designed with adjustability in mind so that they can be worn and treasured for years to come. My offerings include cloaks, harnesses, robes and sideless skirts as well as other ritual/play party wear for witchy femmes.



InHerTube: Recycled rubber harnesses and accessories. Get a custom-fitted harness made today! Tullia's Jewel's: Kinky-themed jewelry and elegant collars



Intrigued is a movement to release judgment and shame from exploration in the adult world. We create merit style badges for sexuality, kink, gender, orientation, identity, and fetishes. It is a unique and fun way to express, display, and begin talking about these interests that are typically considered taboo.


joy's Kinky Toys  

joy is a queer indigenous small business entrepreneur who is excited to handcraft unique fun affordable mixed medium impact toys that leave sexy marks and bruises creating deeper connection to self and others. She hopes to spread millions of hurt so good moments including laughter, cathartic tears, and many unforgettable bonding memories of scenes across the world!



Surprisingly brutal, beautiful impact creations. Specialized floggers and cats, firewands, steel canes, and more. With a sprinkling of pride stickers and pins on the side. JuxtaToys carefully creates each piece to bring you one of a kind instruments of ass destruction.


Kinbaku Studio

Kinbaku Studio is proud to offer our high quality bondage rope (Jute, Hemp, Nylon, Bamboo Silk, POSH and Hempex), wax play candles, steel toys and bondage equipment. We also have a select line of vibrating toys, fans and even something for the Littles. Custom Embroidered Badge Holders and other garments will be available for pre-order.


Kink On The Scene - #ConsensuallyKinky Enamel Pins  

Custom line of Kink/BDSM/Leather title stacker pins, pride pins, pronoun pins, and snarky pins.  

Variety of kinky toys including estim, vibrators, rope, floggers, and merch.


Kynx by Brynx

Handmade adult jewelry, body safe candles, leather goods. We offer unique nipple clamps, drip wax and massage candles, collars, leashes and ball gags.


Leather by Danny

High quality unique BDSM toys for bondage and impact.


Lightplay Candles  

Ultra-low temperature erotic waxplay candles


Lil st Kit Shoppe

a stuffie building experience for littles and their caregivers. Pick a stuffie and have it filled to your preferred level of firmness. Add cute outfits or if your stuffie needs a firmer hand, choose from a variety of stuffie sized leather collars, cuffs, harnesses, paddles, floggers, rope and much more.


LilFox ToyBox

acrylic and exotic wood impact toy shop. We specialize in the retractable needle paddle, bloodchete and wooden handle 1lb of horsehair floggers. We strive to bring the customer new and exciting products that they haven't seen before to create new sensations.


Love Lorn Lingerie

handmade leather harnesses, gothic accessories and costume pieces



BDSM erotica books, adult coloring books, totes, bookmarks, stickers, temp tattoos for scenes, BDSM games, alt lifestyle greeting cards, 3D printed erotic pen holders


MaMa LLC  

Magnificent leather and now Latex wear


Maridad Studio  

We will be selling sensual watercolor art prints, original watercolor art, stickers, art prints within vintage frames, and bags/clothing with artist illustrations.


Massage with Goddess Autumn  

Book your 10-60 minute Chair or table massage with Goddess Autumn.


McCool's Place  

McCool's Place carries primarily rings and blades, but also other jewelry and LGBTQ/pagan-related items. Our rings, all stainless steel or better materials, focus on pagan/pirate/LGBTQ themes. Our blades include throwing knives, survival blades, self-defense blades, ritual knives, & decorative swords. Other products includes handmade copper jewelry, crocheted Pride flags, stainless steel jewelry, sew-on patches, LGBTQ+ accessories, and kink accessories.



As discussed, the booth will solicit volunteers to participate in a scientific experiment to evaluate a genetic hypothesis of masochism. Volunteers will fill out a questionnaire on their cell phone, provide a DNA sample (by spitting into a collection tube) on-site, and then receive a "masochism score" that they can compare to others who have filled out the questionnaire previously.


My Exes Wood

Rare, highly figured and hand crafted custom hardwood paddles finished with wood burned shibari poses and other kink related designs.


Nadia Vanilla  

Original artwork about people doing fun things with their bodies, as well as a large selection of stickers. Prices from $5 to $1000, mostly about rope, kink, power, gender, and more. I use ink, acrylic, and watercolors.


National Coalition for Sexual Freedom  

NCSF gives away free resources on consent, including Explicit Prior Permission for consent to kink. You can also find professionals on our Kink and Polyamory Aware Professionals free referral list, and sign up for free if you're a professional. Get help from our Incident Reporting & Response program if you're discriminated against or if your group needs assistance in dealing with reports about consent incidents. And find out about our educational workshops and webinars that can be provided for your group.


Nefertiti Holistic's

Nefertiti Holistic's is a metaphysical boutique specializing in crystal carvings and semi-precious gemstone jewelry. We offer a fun and exciting variety of crystals and metaphysical tools to help you to live more intentionally, manifest the life you want, raise your vibrations and the vibrations of those around you. These stones have been cleansed and charged for optimal metaphysical healing...not to mention these gifts will last a lifetime. Whether you believe in the power of stones or just admire their beauty, we have something for everyone. Heal yourself with a gift from Nefertiti Holistic's today. 


Odd Fox Armory

If your style is a little more alternative, Odd Fox Armory has comfortable leather and chain goods for restraint, decoration, and play time. We create unique handcrafted bracelets that become impact toys, collars that are comfortable to wear all day, and leather harnesses for all body shapes and sizes. Odd Fox Armory also offers handmade restraints and unique impact implements.


Oddment Ollie  

Sustainable Kink! Collars, floggers, crops and more, Oddmentarium provides highly specialized pieces for the kink community. Using only upcycled leather and recycled materials, Ollie designs and crafts each unique item with love and care… possibly obsession. When you shop at Oddmentarium, you are guaranteed a one of a kind, expertly crafted, practical work of art.



Ohtopia offers beautiful high quality handmade glass dildos. We offer a range of colors, sizes, prices, and features, including different textures, flowers, butterflies, and dichroic glass designs that shimmer in the light.


PantherProwLs Enterprises

Floggers, MiniTail, Twisted Cat, FlatCat, HellCat, DiaboliCat, New and consignments items.


Psychopomp Leather & RiggerJay fine art  

Photography, Tied Statues, books , pins, retro art


Pure Romance by Jennifer

THE booth to go to for lubes, lingerie, vibes, and our latest bondage line.


Puss N Toots

Vulva candles, prints, jewelry, stickers, sculptures, litty Clitty lighters, jingle clitz ornaments and more mixed media vulva art


RACK Leather Goods  

RACK Leather Goods provides exquisite handmade leather gear that fits all needs. Whether looking for cuffs and collars, something that offers just the right smack, or masks and hoods, you'll find it at the RACK Booth.


Ram Shackle Gear

Unique hand sculpted leather masks, harnesses, collars, and more.


Reneé Masoomian Latex

Reneé Masoomian (formally BabyLove’s Latex) creates fashionable latex clothing and accessories hand made and designed in NYC. For Femme and Masc in S-XL off the rack. Plus sizes and custom designs available upon request.


Renewable Pleasures  

Uniquely handcrafted and beautifully sculpted floggers, paddles, and various impact toys made from renewable and upcycled materials.


Reuse to Abuse, LLC  

One-of-a-kind handmade impact toys, decorative Shibari rope, and sexytime accessories made from recycled and repurposed materials. Priced to be accessible to folks of all income and experience levels.


Rose Noir Designs  

Rose Noir Designs creates unique latex for humans of all shapes, sizes and genders.



SARC provides information and resources to those impacted by sexual violence. As well as educate the public about consent and healthy relationships.


Secrets by Sage  

Beautiful quality handcrafted resin paddles, fun kinky greeting cards and stickers, kinky and pride related jewelry, and stunning dragonscale collars!


Serious Essentials

Serious Essentials use wax to make candles in the form of vaginas and penises. We also have massage candles that are used to melt and massage the body.


SexPositive Portland  

Non profit org offering public classes in consent and boundaries classes for adults, and much more.


Shanky Panky

Marykay makes spanking paddles with flowers, bones, bugs etc. High end, multi purpose nipple clamps, and knife play earrings and pottery with fetish images.


Smell My Leather

Smell My Leather is a handmade and custom leather goods company by Noah Sanemitsu (They/Them). They create leather collars, harnesses, accessories, pup hoods and other leather pieces for all genders and all bodies. They aim to make quality custom leather friendly accessible to everyone.



We specialize in hardwood impact toys including turned batons and paddles in a variety of unique styles. Other toys include canes, nipple clamps, and zippers to fill your toy bag with a whole range of quality sting and thud.


Squidly Co.  

Adult Silicone Creations, A Variety of Sensory Aids, and Waterproof Vinyl Stickers!


SteelBones Corsetry  

Top quality Steel Boned corsets. Hundreds to choose from for maximum instant gratification. So many new styles including a new line of Men's corset vests. Come by for a professional fitting.

Sticker Sluts offer a variety of cute kink, queer, and polyamory stickers, leather earrings and other wearables. If you're in the mood for impact, we have a variety of uniquely designed wood and leather impact toys. We are most excited to announce our signature game: Truth? or K!nk - The sexy party game for flirty friends. Swing by the booth to see the game, or check us out quarterly at Sanctuary hosting "Brunch and Kink"!


StumpTown Kilts  

Modern Kilts for All! Stylish for uptown and tough & durable for downtown. Whether you are going up... or down, the StumpTown Kilt makes sexy time sexier and a good time much more comfortable. Adjustable waist size, Attachable Pockets, and a Bandoleer Pocket Strap to hook your favorite Toys to. Easy wash and wear.


Submissive Rose Creations  

We have hand made leather floggers, collars, restraints, corsets and more for you kinky play time. We also do custom leather items as well for our customers. If you have an idea for something special please come by and let us see if we can help make it for you. Let SRC impact your life.


Tawdry Angel  

High end costuming along with jewelry and tails.


Tetruss Shibari Suspension Rig, Portable Dungeon,  

Shibari & Suspension Bondage Rig – Portable BDSM Dungeon – Sex Swing. Tetruss – the world’s most versatile adult sex toy! Serving the Kink Community since 2000! Lightweight, Goes Anywhere, Assembles in Minutes


The Cupcake Girls  


The Cupcake Girls

The Cupcake Girls provides confidential support to those involved in the sex industry, as well as trauma-informed outreach, advocacy, holistic resources, and referral services to provide prevention and aftercare to those affected by sex trafficking.


The Dungeon Store   @thedungeonstore

Wide selection of violet wands & electro fetish accessories including TENS units, electro rope, medical (needles, staplers, etc). Also books on: BDSM, shibari, occult, oracle & tarot decksand kinky pins! Additionally floggers, vegan impact, single tails, small impact, restraints, paddles, no-flame wax play, and assorted shibari. A woman-owned, intergenerational family business and pride ourselves on over 20yrs of curating collections of BDSM & fetish toys with an eye towards community care.


The Leather Union

Handmade leather goods that include, collars, restrains and harnesses. All available in amazing colors and patterns


The Little Vixen  

Chainmaille collars, pride keychains, handcrafted stone jewelry


The Slap and Tickle Shop

The Slap and Tickle Shop: Where the ouch begins. We hail from Kennewick WA We're producers of Floggers, Firehose toys, Bad ass canes, and the popular Ball Bongers. (Home made lollipops too)

Https://   Thekinkshop   Thekinkshop

Whips, floggers, paddles, various creative impact implements, sensation play toys, electro play toys, fire play toys. We strive to make kink toys affordable to everyone in the lifestyle.


Titus' Pussy Portraits

On-the-spot watercolor portraits of pussies and cocks either live or from photos.


Torrid Timber  

Providing the finest quality BDSM furniture, toys, and accessories for those looking to incorporate beauty artistry and innovation into their play. Bondage devices, Ishidaki Boards, CBT, Breast vises, Service items, and much more.


Total Power Xchange  

Custom wood bdsm pieces, St. Andrews cross, paddles, queen stool, posture stand, cbt pieces


Twisted Toys

Twisted Toys is back! Spring Paddles and Koosh -Bangers!


Wandering Star Treasures  

I will have a wonderful variety of items to satisfy most all of your senses! Unique comfy clothing up to Goddess sizes including wrap skirts, dresses, shirts, lingerie, pants & more! Chainmaille jewelry, keychains, fidgets, & decorative pretties. Natural arousal products, lubricants, massage, rechargeable toys & beginner/travel fetish items.


Whip City Floggers  

Handmade leather floggers, dragon tails and synthetic whips


Wild Curves Design  

Dancewear for real bodies. We specialize in dancewear for sizes 10 and up with a focus on pole and burlesque.


Winter Fetish  

Spandex, PVC, and Darex. Catsuits, sleepsacks, hoods, bondagewear, armbinders and more.


Woody's Wildwood  

Hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind hardwood toys for impact and pressure point play. Be sure to check out our exotic woods!



Portland Leather Alliance