The Portland Leather Alliance proudly presents KinkFest 2022

Portland, Oregon

Please come and join us for the premiere, nationally acclaimed, West coast kink conference.

KinkFest is an annual, 3-day event celebrating sexual diversity, bdsm, fetish and leather communities. There are numerous educational classes, evening play parties, and a large vendor mall filled with products and services from local and national leather, fetish and kink businesses.

KinkFest continues to focus effort on welcoming ALL facets of our diverse leather, bdsm, fetish and kink communities. Kinkfest and the Portland Leather Alliance (PLA) encourage you to come and celebrate what we all share in common and to enjoy the rich tapestry of our varied culture.

Highlights for 2022

  • Event space in self-contained building, offering greater privacy for attendees.
  • A dungeon offering enormous play space
  • Host hotels offering a variety of choice of room and conveniently located minutes from the event center
  • Large vendor mall with extended shopping hours, offering top quality merchandise
  • Personal services such as massages, foot rubs, and bootblacking

KinkFest has a maximum capacity of 1,500. Don't miss out! Register early to ensure that you can join us.

All attendees must pre-register; no on-site registrations will be accepted.

ASL Interpreters and Other Accommodations

If you need an ASL interpreter or have other special needs, please contact us well before KinkFest, so that we can make appropriate arrangements. We appreciate having as much advance notice as possible so as to best serve your needs.


  • "Con-drop be damned, this was an especially fun year. The dungeon looked more beautiful than ever and more beautiful than at any con anywhere I've seen in a decade. Thanks to the Kinkfest DJ and sound guy. Everyone (from Kinkfest staff to volunteers) was fantastic, on point, and super friendly. You made it all so easy!" - Danarama, April 2017
  • "That was the greatest dungeon I have ever seen! The whip Ally was unsurpassed! The schedule seemed to unfurl seemlessly! So Much went into this event that made it seem so smooth, allowing for people to really enjoy themselves!" - Bruce-Banner, April 2017
  • "As a former first timer at Kinkfest, I have to say it was an exciting and wonderful experience, and i truly felt I belonged, and learned a lot about myself and figures i can take what i learned to further my journey into my kink lifestyle. I have been trying to find myself, but i really know now where to go from here, and for that i thank everyone there if i talked to you or not" - ShadowKitty39, April 2017
  • "thanks to everyone for the amazing response to my velociraptor play. I rarely get to make an appearance and there was so much positive response in and out of the dungeon. I even got a new recruit for the pack! thanks so much for allowing me to live in that headspace for a while. you all are the best!!!" - Stoneyface, April 2017
  • "As a first timer to Kinkfest, I and my partner had an amazingly good time. Absolutely everybody was friendly and helpful. The vendors were great... Most of the wares for sale were very high quality goods… The workshops we went to were all good ones. But the dungeon was AMAZING!!! It was the height of the weekend experience." - WolfThorn, April 2017

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