KinkFest 2020 Cancelled

Good Morning,

Last night the governor announced a ban on all gatherings greater than 250 people for the next twenty-eight days. That ban would take us to the brink of KinkFest, and possibly be extended. We are officially cancelling 2020 KinkFest. I know people have a lot of questions. We have put together the most common ones with answers, as well as details regarding refunds.

  • Why did you not cancel KinkFest earlier? – The KinkFest Covid-19 Response Team (yes there was one created) has been monitoring the situation on a daily basis for a while now. We put together a plan that allowed our attendees, vendors, and presenters to make choices about their attendance risk-free.

  • Why did you not just reschedule it for later this year? – KinkFest takes a lot of logistics. Our presenters, and our vendors typically schedule their events months in advance. The Portland Expo Center also is a very popular place, and books well in advance. We use a significant amount of their resources for our event. To try to reschedule the presenters, vendors, and the venue in the same time frame would prove to be very difficult.

  • How we are going to handle refunds:

    • If you registered before October 2019, you will be issued a check. We can not credit back to a card on a transaction that is older than 6 months. We have a service that will issue these.
    • The refunds are being issued by our treasurer, and her assistant. Please remember they are volunteers who also work full-time jobs and will need to process refunds for 1500+ attendees and the vendors.
    • All refunds will be directed back to the same card they were made on.
    • Please do not email the treasurer asking when your refund will arrive.
    • Please allow 15 business days starting 3/13/2020 to receive your refund.
    • Any hotel refund will be handled by the hotel in accordance with your reservation terms. Please contact your hotel to cancel your reservation and process any money you are due.

    If you have other questions or concerns, please let us know. We would encourage you to be kind and sensitive to each other.

    Your KinkFest Team, and the Portland Leather Alliance