Vending at KinkFest

KinkFest 2024 will be held in Portland, Oregon on March 29-31, 2024.

We seek traditional and non-traditional makers of toys and other delights, ranging from whips to wands, straight jackets to collars, kitten ears to cat-o-nine-tails. In addition to product vendors, we are searching for salon vendors (facials, makeup, massage, chair massage, body painting, henna, piercing, tattoo, etc.). All product and salon vendors will be conveniently located in one area next to the KinkFest workshops and dungeon parties.

The KinkFest 2024 Vendor Hall will open beginning Friday morning of KinkFest and be open each day that KinkFest runs. There is an optional (but encouraged!) Thursday afternoon and evening load in, to help everyone get started on the right foot. Admission to the vendor hall is free for attendees of KinkFest.

The deadline to apply is December 8, 2023.

Final determinations will be made by December 15, 2023.

Vendor registrations and payments will be due by December 22, 2023.

Each $400 vending space will include:

  • 10' x 10' vendor space
  • One 8' table with fabric tablecloth and skirt
  • Two chairs
  • Two complete registrations for KinkFest 2024
  • Online vendor description, banner display & link to your website linked from
  • Listing in the program as a KinkFest 2024 Vendor
  • Exposure to the largest KinkFest audience yet (We're expecting 1,600+ people this year)

Other Details

  • Attendance at KinkFest 2024 requires proof of COVID-19 vaccination and at least one booster.
  • Additional vending spaces, if available, will be charged at $400. If an additional registration is needed, contact to make arrangements.One additional assistant registration per space is available for $150.
  • Optional electricity in vendor spaces will be available for $150.
  • Additional tables are available for $20 per table.
  • Vendors will be responsible for their own parking at the Expo Center. Parking costs can be found here.
  • Please email your logo to For best results, your graphic file should be 550 pixels wide x 160 pixels high. Graphic files MUST be in JPG, PNG, or GIF format. No other formats will be accepted.

The PLA accepts donations of vendor products as a 501(c)3 non-profit. These donations may be a tax write off for you; please consult a tax specialist. Donations are appreciated but not required. Please email for more information.

Your full legal name
Your assistant's full legal name (if applicable)
Contact phone number
Contact email address
Company name
Fetlife profile, if you would like to use it in promotional materials
Website (If you do not have a website or a FetLife profile, please
email photos of your product to
Number of spaces ($400 each)
Additional assistants ($150 each, maximum 1 per space)
Additional assistants' names
KinkFest Specials (Optional)
Do you need electricity? (Additional charge of $150.00)
Total number of tables needed
(First table for each space included, additional tables $20 each)
Have you previously vended at Kinkfest? If so, when? 
Please provide a brief detailed description of the products you would like to sell
for us to include in the KinkFest Program (60 words or less).
Are you interested in the optional Thursday load in?
Would you like to book some time in the designated demo space to offer tastings of your wares?
(Additional charge of $25 for 30 minutes. You will be contacted for scheduling before the event
and featured on the Stage Schedule in the KinkFest Program.)
Number of timeslots desired ($25 per timeslot)
Other questions or comments
(Booth preference will be considered but not guaranteed)

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