KinkFest Presenter Application

The Portland Leather Alliance is actively seeking educators for KinkFest 2024, the Pacific Northwest's premier BDSM event. In order to apply, you must agree to the following:

KinkFest Presenters Agreement

I treat everyone in a respectful manner and make them feel welcome.

I will arrive at least 15 minutes prior to my class's scheduled start time.

I teach within my area of expertise:

  • I only teach material I thoroughly understand and am capable of teaching.
  • If I teach techniques that are contrary to commonly accepted best practices, I clearly communicate that and explain my reasons for doing so.

When teaching any topic in the domain of a particular profession I explicitly tell my students whether:

  • I have relevant professional qualifications, or
  • I have reviewed the material I am teaching with a qualified professional, or
  • I am teaching my own opinion.

I maintain professional boundaries during classes:

  • I maintain a professional demeanor during class.
  • I do not pressure anyone into volunteering to demo in a class.
  • I do not cruise or engage in recreational play during class with any student with whom I do not have an existing relationship.
  • I clearly communicate the relationship agreements I have with my partners in a class so as to provide context for my behavior.

I consistently practice excellent consent in private and in public:

  • I practice and model excellent consent during my classes.
  • I am conscious of the possible power differential my position as a presenter may create with attendees.
  • I will inform the KinkFest Education Team if I have been involved in any consent incidents or accountability processes in the last year, or if I become involved in any after submitting my application.

In the interest of non-competition, we ask that you not present workshops in our area during our event or within 2 weeks prior to the event, without obtaining the agreement of the KinkFest Education Team in advance. We understand you may wish to optimize your visit or that you may be locally involved in our community and are open to working with you in these situations.

COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements

Attendance at KinkFest 2024 requires proof of COVID-19 vaccination and at least one booster.


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