Frequently Asked Questions


Code of Conduct and Party Rules (Large Print)

Voluntary Waiver and Release from Liability

What is KinkFest?

KinkFest is a nationally attended 3-day event celebrating sexual diversity and education. There are informative workshops, two evening play parties, as well as opportunity to shop for products and services from leather- and fetish-friendly businesses.

How old do I have to be?

Both KinkFest and this website are restricted to individuals who are 18 years of age or older.

Can I register by mail?

Yes, when registration opens, there will be an option to register by mail.

Do I have to be a Portland Leather Alliance (PLA) member to register?

No, you do not have to be a PLA member to apply for a KinkFest membership and register for the event. However, current PLA members do receive a discount when registering.

Can I join PLA with my KinkFest application and get the PLA member rate?

Yes! You can choose the "PLA Member Plus registration, which includes KinkFest registration as well as a one-year membership in the PLA.

Does attending KinkFest renew my PLA Membership automatically?

No. If you wish to stay a current PLA Member, you must renew your membership either during the registration process (see previous question) or on the Portland Leather Alliance web site.

Can I volunteer to help out?

Yes, you can! There are opportunities, such as setting up and tearing down the dungeon, guest services, registration, Dungeon Monitors, and First Aid. For more information, contact the volunteer coordinator at or join our mailing list. With the exception of dungeon set-up and tear-down, you MUST be registered for KinkFest in order to volunteer.

What is a play party?

A play party/dungeon party is an event that gives kinky people the opportunity to engage in BDSM play at a public event. It is a chance to watch others interact, to meet and possibly play with new people, and show off your kink in an accepting environment. Dungeon furniture such as bondage crosses, spanking benches, padded tables, slings, and other furniture are provided. Everyone brings their own portable toys. Every play party has its own rules but some etiquette is standard.

Please read the KinkFest Code of Conduct and Play Party Rules before Registering. (Large Print)

What should I wear?

During the day at KinkFest, a more modest dress is usually seen, but that doesn't mean you have to hold back when in the conference rooms. Feel free to be comfortable in your most intimate fetish and be able to flaunt it here in a safe and welcoming environment. It is important to note that "vanilla", or street clothes, are required in public areas.

A play party can be like an adult fancy masquerade dress party. So much to choose from; just let your inner desires and fantasy role play thoughts unfold to reality. Scroll down for some examples of scrumptiously hot and sexy ideas.

Here's a few ideas:

Fantasy, fetish, leather, PVC, vinyl, latex, rubber, metal, feathers, satin, velvet, cyber/futuristic, goth, vampire, master, slave, dominant, submissive, headmaster, headmistress, military (army, navy and air force), school boys and girls, police officer, nun, priest, nurse, doctor, patient, burlesque/theatrical, exotic dancers, retro 40's/50's, belly dancers, angels, devils, lingerie, drag, totally naked except for body decoration: piercings, tattoos and body painting. If you don't have anything special, try wearing all black.

For comfort, many people take their outfit in a bag and change when they arrive.

Is financial assistance available?

Yes, a limited number of scholarships are available. For details and to apply, contact the KinkFest Volunteer Director at

Are the Facilities Accessible to Disabled?

Yes, both the event space and host hotel are completely accessible to disabled persons. If you have special needs, please do not hesitate to inform us via email to

Must I preregister?

You must preregister. You cannot register ONSITE at KinkFest.

Do I have to register in order to shop the vendor mall?

Yes, you have to pre-register to attend classes, enter the dungeon, enter the vendor mall, go to a community group meet up, go to opening ceremonies, to attend for just one day, for... pretty much everything!

Can I buy a ticket for just the dungeon parties?

No. The only individual thing you can buy a ticket to is the vendor mall and you must preregister on the KinkFest website noted above.

How do you know I'm checked in?

Once you're checked in, a very fashionable wristband with KF printed on it will be issued to you. If you need to remove the wristband, bring it with you to the Check-In desk, and we'll replace it.

Do I have to sign up for the workshops?

No, all of the workshops are first come, first served.

Do I have to go to the Check-In desk before my first workshop?

Yes, you have to check in before attending workshops. Please arrive at least 45 minutes before your first workshop to make sure you'll have plenty of time to sign in.

Are the dungeon parties included in my KinkFest registration?

Yes, all workshops and dungeon parties are included in your KinkFest registration.

Is the dungeon party included in my day pass?

Yes, the workshops and the dungeon party for that day are included in your day pass.

What Reciprocal Organizations are allowed and where do we get the Registration Code?

You can find a list of reciprocal organizations here, the codes are sent to each organizations head and handed out by them. If you're a member of one of these organizations, please contact them for the code.

Do most vendors take cash only or do some have mobile payment systems like Square?

This is up to each individual vendor, most have the ability to take cards, but don't count on it, bringing some cash is always a good idea.

Other things to know:

  • Toy bag racks are provided inside the dungeon, they are not monitored.
  • Average attendance is 1500+
  • There will be a Medical Play area for all blood play.
  • Please review the Party Rules on the website and in the program. There are some play restrictions: No fire play, No gun play, No scat or water sports, No wax. Please read the Code of Conduct & Party


  • Cleaning supplies are provided, but you should plan to bring a sheet, towel or blanket to place on furniture. No bare bottoms are allowed on the chairs in classrooms.
  • Condoms, gloves and lube are provided.
  • No phones in dungeon or workshops. Phones are allowed in the lobby area if camera lenses are covered with blue painter tape (which you can get at Check-in). Phones are only allowed in the vendor area for vendors.
  • Please don't leave bags next to a play space to "reserve it". There are over 100 play spaces. If the space you want is busy, try another space!
  • There are water fountains on site, bring a water bottle!
  • Also consider bringing a notebook and pen for the classes, some small snacks to give you an energy boost during both the day and during the party and a blanket or sheet to cover dungeon furniture and chairs in the classrooms.
  • BRING a watch! So many people rely on their cell phones for time now a days, but you don't want to get up and leave a class or have to walk all the way out of the dungeon to the lobby every time you need to know the time.

Other questions?

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The Portland Leather Alliance will be hosting a KF Q&A about a month before KF, keep your eyes open for more details as we approach!

What if I don't see my question here?

Please email and we will be happy to assist you.