KinkFest 2017 Vendors

Asylum Leathers

Hand crafted & tooled leather restraints & impact toys, floggers, & accessories for every toy bag.


Badass Metal Toys

We provide the Rose Paddle along with other metal implements, along with metal furniture, including 12' collapsible tripod, collapsible Web, and collapsible cage. We look forward to seeing you kinky people again this year.



Big Rooster Pottery

Big Rooster Pottery offers a handmade approach to sensuality with wheel thrown ceramic dildos and butt plugs. Spring 2017 we will introduce a line of floggers and ticklers as well. offers hemp rope as well as handspun jute and bamboo rope along with all the appropriate accouterments needed. offers play piercing, body modification and medical kink supplies

Leather and fur floggers with braided handles, leather and fur paddles and crops, fur mitts with and without claws and various other toys of sensation.


Climb X Gear

Carabiners, Swivels, Ropes, Cords, Web, Pulleys, Screw Links, Rigging Plates, Harnesses, Anchors.


Compassrose Creations, LLC

Beautiful and completely Handmade Exotic Hardwood Spanking Paddles, Humblers, and sensation toys. We have also added a new line of Law Enforcement-themed Exotic Hardwood Impact toys.


ConZept DeZigns

We provide handmade non-nylon synthetic singletails in a variety of complimentary colors, sizes, and styles, as well as deep tissue impact massage implements in a variety of sizes and sensations known as Kinetic Canes and Thuddy Buddies.



CopperKink provides custom handmade jewelry, costumes and accessories that appeal to the erotic and kink in us. We want to complement the beauty of our customers\' bodies. Some of our more popular products include accessories for pierced nipples, and chainmail face masks. Each item is a unique and one of a kind labor of love.


Coral Mallow

An array of jewelry in silver, copper and brass featuring beautiful designs and all the Geekdom you can handle! Photography, poetry, art books and journals for the discerning collector and sexual adventurer! A little something different from your local force of nature.


Current Pleasures

Everything E-stim: units, accessories, supplies.


Dr. Clockwork, LLC

No one on Earth has a range of Goods as High in Quality or as Varied in Selection as Doctor Clockwork From Violet Wands to Medical Devices and all that may come between, an Adventurous Gentleman or Lady will find their Every Whim catered to under Doctor Clockwork's care.


Fae built Inc.

Metal and leather costuming, toys, accessories.


Forget Me Knots Massage

Professional Table and Chair Massage.


HammerFell Armoury LLC

HammerFell Armoury LLC is Pleased to be one of the PNW's Premier Crafter of Quality Metal Toys! Stainless Steel Claws, Hand Forged Cane Handles, Hand Forged and Crafted Knives, Uniquely Designed Paddles, and So Much More!


House of Wolfram

Uniquely designed handmade bondage cuffs, collars, harnesses, riding crops, and pony play accessories.


Howling Moon Leather

Cuffs, collars, paddles, slappers, canes, single tails, floggers, cat o 9s. All items American made.


Industrial DisEase Toys LLC

We offer a full range of sensation, impact and violet wand toys, as well as steampunk canes, accessories and clothing. Come check out our sensation paws and infinite twists great for making you the most popular person at any play party. We manufacture our toys for the best possible effect and you have to try it to believe it.



InHerTube creates sex harnesses, impact toys, restraints, and other accessories from recycled rubber. We also have a variety of insertable toys, including high quality silicone dildos. Come get fitted for your custom harness, made for you at the event!


J Brown Leather Works

Bondage, chokers, Cuffs, hog ties, butt plugs, floggers, strap on harness, chest harness.


Justin Sayne Leather

Justin Sayne Leather hand-makes Whips, Slappers, Bondage Cuffs and Collars uniquely made from real Alligator leather.


Motivational Tools

Handled canes, etc.


Laughing Lion Arts

Jewelry, Acrylic and wood paddles, Specialty collar tags, Ceramic dildos, Wooden boxes.


Leather Masters/House of Markus

Leather Masters is a full service Kink shop we carry everything from Men\'s & Women\'s Leather Clothing, Accessories and BDSM Toys like Electric Floggers and Paddles and so much more.

Quilts, blankets, potholders, pillows, hot pads, any item for your home. Embroidery on site. Embroidered T shirts.


Miss Haley Bombshell Boutique

A wide variety of affordable authentic steel bone women's corset & men's vests and an assortment of clothing & accessories!


Ms. Martha's Corset Shoppe

Original designed satin and leather steel boned corsetry, skirts, men's leather clothing and bondage gear.



A Blade for every occasion: play, daily use, collectables, re-enacting/costume, etc. PLUS Celtic, Nordic accessories, other play and defense weaponry, and more! A proud Kinkfest Vendor since 2002.


Orchid And Serpent Stores

Orchid And Serpent carries everything you desire from simple fantasy to hardcore fetish gear. The company was created with the philosophy that everyone should have access to quality sex enhancers at reasonable prices. Orchid And Serpent Stores strives to bring customers regular favorites, while also introducing new brands and toys. Come see our electroplay, leather goods, chastity, and more!

PaddleDaddy creates finely handcrafted wooden paddles, leather slappers, CBT toys, E-stim toys, leather slings, and other BDSM essentials. Coming from a lifetime tradition of building items with both functionality and beauty, these items are not mass-produced, but individually created for a lifetime of use. PaddleDaddy products are rigorously tested by kinky players worldwide.


PantherProwLs Enterprises

Handmade floggers, cats,other toys.


Poly's Pleasures

Handcrafted, artisan jewelry, clothing, costumes and accessories.


Postmo Woods

I sell VERY beautiful high end paddles, beaters, spiral bats, war clubs, hand sewn leather paddles, rulers, furniture and I can make other things you think might sell. I manufacture 99%+ of what I sell. Some of my inventory can be seen on my website. Some of what I've made can be seen at


Pure Romance by Desi

We will have on hand a variety of lingerie, lubricants, pheromone based and ALL natural products as well as battery operated toys.


RACK Leather Goods

Hand crafted leather toys, clothing and accessories specializing in the unique and the unusual.


Renaissance Rope

Hand-crafting premium 4-strand ropes from high quality Hemp, Jute, and Bamboo yarns. We hand-dye our yarns prior to twisting them into ropes to ensure the best possible color consistency. Multiple-color ropes are available by special order. Please check our website for photos and more information.


Rose City Acupuncture & Massage

Acupuncture, acupressure, and medical massage. Topical herbal solutions for sale (anti-inflammatory, pain relief, de-bruising).


Sensual Paddles

Paddles that don't bruise, others that do, leather straps, canes, Rattan paddles.



I make and sell unique paddles, batons, and insertables from various hardwoods. These range from both more common domestic woods to exotic hardwoods.



So many corsets. Fabulous steel boned corsets. Instant gratification.


StumpTown Kilts

Men's & Women's modern Kilts! Clever adjustable waist sizing & Attachable Pockets. Highly durable and quality made here in the Great Northwest, USA.



Tetruss 3 in 1 Portable Dungeon Suspension Bondage Rig & Sex Swing. The world's most versatile adult sex toy - lightweight, goes anywhere, assembles in minutes! I also have a new Tetruss design for Shibari riggers out I would like to introduce.


The Frugal Domme

Canes, floggers, straps, paddles, loopy johnnies, teddy bears, etc.


The Tortured Geisha

Vintage kimono and accessories for rope enthusiasts and vintage clothing of various types.


Torrid Timber

Beautiful BDSM furniture, toys and accessories. Paddles, breast presses, humblers, service trays and coasters, stocks, fiddle restraints and custom pieces including furniture.


Toys That Please

Canes, rope/paracord floggers, rubber impact toys, foam bats and paddles. We have a unique cane that we created called the VersaCane.


Twisted Toys

Twisted Toys are our special way of making Pretty Painful Playthings. Spring Paddles of Plexiglass, Metal, and beautiful hardwoods. Flickers, twisted whackers, and our fun Bargain Beaters of cartoon characters on a stick. New Hardwoods with Dragonskin! Posh Bangers for warm up and cool down, or just for massage. Feel the difference of a Twisted Toy.


WIAN Studios

Fabulous Leather Floggers and Cats. Buffalo, Bullhide, Deer, Elk & Cowhide. Custom orders welcome.